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Are Harleys Worth It

Online Motorcycle Pricing Resources Kelly Blue Book. If you mean are harleys worth the money compared to other companies then the answer isnt so simple and it depends on what you value.

12 Used Harleys Worth Every Penny And 13 To Avoid At All Costs Harley Davidson Harley Road King

Your bike depreciates as soon as you buy it.

Are harleys worth it. I owned a couple of Harleys and they are indeed solid and will last for 50 years of rusting in a garage without rusting through. How many times have. The GPS is great.

Posted 102300 1200 AM 18 messages. For that buy real estate. Look at your newspaper classified.

If you take care of your motorcycle it could be the last bike you ever need to buy. No new motorcycle will gain value and instead will depreciate. Strong demand limited availability and reliability allow Harleys to depreciate slowly and command better resale prices.

The radio is great but you wont hear it on the freeway. I paid 45k OTD w the extended Warranty. But still not as good as my phone.

Harleys are known for their reliability. They are reliable bikes that are not cheaply made compare the quality of the parts compared to just about every. The Harleys have been fairly good in holding their value particularly if you sell privately rather than trading in.

Many people believe that Harleys are notoriously unreliable compared to bikes from rival motorcycle brands. For once I am going to sort of agree with Eye on HD. If theres one independent website that you definitely have to check out its Kelly Blue Book.

I have taken the punt that the Indian Scout being an American bike with lots of heritage behind it will hold its value as well as Harley. Harleys also keep their value so theres no. Not Just a Motorcycle Manufacturer.

Only have 100 mi on it. I thought the Indian Scout was a much better bike than the Sportster. I tell you it is worth it.

This bike rides like a dream. Unless it is a rare classic no motorcycle including your Harley will increase in value. They will also claim that Harleys spend more time in the repair shop than on the road.

Bike you wantto ride not an investment. He had his reasons for preferring the 650cc Suzuki verses a Harley- the Suzuki could have a u joint put on in and the Harley would have to have a chain driven. Better brands charge higher prices because they supply better products and services.

They have long been the go-to in the automotive and motorcycle industry to determine a bikes true value. I just bought a 15 Road Glide Ultra CVO. Harleys also keep their value so theres no need to worry about money down the drain.

If you mean are harley motorcycles a good investment then the answer is no as that time has passed. Between their longevity and the lengths to which some collectors will go to track down unique or well-preserved Harleys Harley Davidsons can be considered a valuable investment. Harleys worth the extra 7 grand to you if thats the.

Between Fort Worth and Wichita Falls Texas You cant get rich in politics unless you are a crook Harry Truman. These people will tell you that a bike from Honda or Kawasaki is ten times better than a Harley is. It has power at every RPM and it looks stunning.

The engines on these bikes have 50 year old. Anyone who says that harleys are unreliable leaky and cheaply made either has never owned one cant afford one or had one from AMF which were like that. They havent cost me but a 13 the price of a shiney two wheeled tractor.

In order to get the most accurate idea of how much your Harley-Davidson motorcycle is worth you will want to use a combination of the resources below to help find the true value of your bike. It might not be worth the markup to buy a designer T-shirt but buying a Harley gives you more than just bragging rights. I love the bike.

The big twins or REAL Harleys in the minds of some and the Sportsters which date back to the 1957 XLCH I think. The 11000 in accessories werent worth anything figured I might get a penny on the dollarnopenot even that so my 34000 plus Harley was found to be not quite the holds its value type of bike they have been sold as all these yearsunfortunatelyI learned it the hard way. And that 7K difference is before accessories harleys are only worth what someone will paytake a.

That said Harleys have a better depreciation rate than most motorcycles.

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